Reilly provided us with the following songs.

  • “Fireflies”

  • “Hornpipe/Whiskey for Breakfast”

  • “Kiss Me Like You Mean It”

  • “Paddy Works On the Railway”

  • “Poetic Milkman/Langstrom’s Pony”

  • “Tell Me Ma”

  • “The Brothers Whalen”

Voted 2015 Celtic band of the year by Wisconsin Area Music Industry, Reilly has garnered a reputation for being an interactive, get-off-your-chair act. The band’s travel circuit around the Midwest continues to grow along with their reputation for being a highly respected and professional level group. National programs such as Good Morning Ireland, Blarney on the Air, and Paddyrock internet radio have featured Reilly and Celtic Radio Music Network rates them as five out of five stars.  Their ability to adapt Celtic music to an American rock audience, and include unexpected rock favorites into their set, makes them the perfect eclectic choice in today’s watered down and predictable Celtic scene.

Reilly celebrates Celtic musical heritage and their own American upbringings in both the live setting and on record. They provide a lively musical feast for those who enjoy a bit of nostalgia, a dose of modernism, and a full pint of fun and good will.

Present members of the band in include:
Michael Tinker Tierney / guitars, bouzouki, whistles, mandolin, harmonica, vocals
Brian Bruendl / drums, percussion, banjo, vocals
Corinn Bonkalski / fiddle, vocals
Joe Neumann / bass, vocals

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